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Control ZK822

Control – ZK822

Simultaneous control of the connected Feeders Artemia

Up to 8 Automatic Feeders Artemia can be operated with our control ZK822. Each feeder works equally – 2 m or more than 100 m away from the control. The respective cable connected to the feeder can have a length of more than 100 m. Our easily programmable control is set with regard to time and ensures precise and regular feed quantities. Your juvenile fish will grow faster and more evenly!

ffaz fischfutterautomat elektronische steuerung zk810
ffaz fischfutterautomat elektronische steuerung zk810 12-24 v

All connected feeders feed at the same time, but the feed amount can be adjusted individually. Due to the low energy consumption the control ZK822 facilitates your power management – no standby mode.

Product advantages

  • Easy handling and operation
  • Unlimited number of feedings
  • Precise and regular feed quantities
  • Low energy consumption


  • Temporal control of all connected feeders
  • Simultaneous control of connected feeders
  • Cable lengths of more than 100 m can be realized

Technical data

  • Operating voltage 230 or 110 V AC, 12-24 V DC
  • Feeding duration 1-99 sec
  • Feeding interval 1-99 min
  • Feed amount approx. 26 mL per sec
  • 8 feeders can be connected
  • Control of Feeder Artemia

A timer is integrated in the 12-24-Volt version. It can be directly operated with a commercially available car battery. In all versions no additional technology is necessary to change the settings.

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