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Automatic Feeder Artemia

Automatic Feeder Artemia

The feeding of Artemia Salina is wide spread in the rearing of juvenile fish. We offer you the possibility to automate the time-intensive feeding process. The special feature of our Automatic Feeder Artemia is the active ventilation of the container. This results in a homogeneous distribution of the Artemia in the water. The Automatic Feeder Artemia is available in a 2-Liter or 5-Liter version and is equipped with an electrically controlled stop valve which allows the Artemia to flow out during feeding. The stop valve is “normally closed”. This means: The feeder cannot drain without connected power source or in event of a power failure!

FFAZ Futterautomat Artemia 2L Detail

For juvenile fish Artemia are an ideal feed. Due to their high energy content Artemia are becoming more and more important in rearing.

Product advantages

  • Saving time by automatization
  • Mixing of Artemia
  • Feeding in milliliter range
  • Easy cleaning of the container

Properties & Field of application

  • Optimal rearing feed
  • Stop valve (normally closed)
  • Rearing of small (juvenile) fish
  • Easy fixing–directly at the tank/aquarium-Indoor

Technical data

  • Container size 2 L or 5 L
  • Operating voltage 9-30 V AC or DC
  • Feed conveyance controlled by stop valve
  • Feed quantity min. 26 mL per sec
  • Operable with control ZK822 or ZK812

FFAZ Futterautomat Artemia 2L

FFAZ Futterautomat Artemia 5L
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