FFAZ Feeding Systems - Made in Germany


Download area for our customers

Manual for Automatic Feeder Classic / Outdoor Plus

Download: FFAZ Bedienungsanleitung Fischfutterautomat Klassik – Outdoor Plus.pdf

Manual for Control 24 V with timer

Download: FFAZ Bedienungsanleitung Zeitschaltuhr 24 Volt Steuerung.pdf

Feeding Calculator

It facilitates calculating the feeding time, duration and intervals.

Download: FFAZ Feeding Calculator

Feeding graph – Feed amounts using Automatic Feeder Classic / Outdoor Plus

The results are approximate values for feed amount in gram per second depending on the respective pellet size. Additionally, it is explained how the feeder is programmed on the respective pellet size.

Download: FFAZ Futterdiagramm.pdf

Connection information for FFAZ Automatic Feeders

Download: FFAZ anschliessen von Verteiler 8fach.pdf

Download: FFAZ anschliessen von 3 Trafo Verteiler 8fach.pdf

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