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FFAZ Feeding Systems – Feeding Technology for Aquaculture

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Made in Germany

FFAZ Feeding Systems – since more than 30 years – forever and one day longer…

Our feeder takes charge of feeding for you!
FFAZ Feeding Systems



Aquaculture offers almost unlimited possibilities. With our FFAZ Feeding System your fish livestock is fed fully automatically.

Our Automatic Feeder is the ideal solution, whether included in Recirculation or Aquaponic Systems:

Due to the even feeding duration and amounts the water pollution is reduced and the filter system of your Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) is more relieved.A modern Aquaponic system is optimized by our automatic feeding solution. Hence you may use the free time to e.g. concentrate on your plants.

FFAZ Feeding Systems - ffaz fischfutterautomat streupropeller futterbehaelter vorne

The possible applications are almost unlimited:

Breeding tanks, pilot plants, pond-farming, streamlined breeding tanks, aquaculture in natural waters, lakes, fish pond, interior conditioning, closed recirculation systems, intensive shrimp aquacultures, garden pond, test facilities….

FFAZ Feeding Systems - ffaz fischfutterautomat spiralfîrderschnecke

Due to the continuously variable speed of the scattering motor the scattering radius can be adapted to your respective requirements. The screw conveyor inside the feeder feeds in intervals which reduces the stress during feeding and favors a uniform growth of your fish.

You can find images and videos of our feeding systems already in use in the section Field Examples

Various types of fish benefit from automatic feeding with our feeders:

Rainbow trouts, brook trouts, atlantic salmon, pacific salmon, carps, koi carps, grass carps, silver carps, catfish, African catfish, eel, colourful cichlids, tilapia, milkfish, mullet, hybrid striped bass, sturgeon, zander, pangasius, sea bass, gilthead,…


Being compatible to a wide variety of controls the FFAZ systems can be operated worldwide. Thus, an existing control may be used to control our feeders. Please contact us directly. The reliability and the advantages that come along with our feeding system will pay off after just a short period of time.

Artemia Salina

FFAZ Feeding Systems - ffaz artemia fischfutterautomat lebendfuetterungFeeding with Artemia Salina is commonly applied in fish farming and especially in breeding juvenile fish. Due to their high energy content Artemia are becoming more and more important in rearing. We offer the possibility to automate the time-intensive feeding process.

The special feature of our Automatic Feeder Artemia is the active ventilation of the container. This results in a homogeneous distribution of the Artemia in the water.

FFAZ Feeding Systems - artemia in droped water on white background

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